Rev. Kent H. Little

Rev. Kent H. Little, Lead Pastor / ext. 1002

I remember from an early age my family referring to me as a peacemaker. Disagreements between siblings and others had a tendency to upset me and I always wanted them resolved as soon as possible. Peace making and being sensitive to being treated fairly and justly has long been a part of my personality and character.

That justice seeking nature I believe was nurtured as a teenager and an interest in the political systems of our government were planted as seed to bear fruit later by a favorite government teacher in high school. In my middle twenties that seed took root and my interest in finding ways to access the political system to work for the common good via communication with government representatives began to grow and fill my interests. This justice seeking nature also manifested itself in a calling to be a lay speaker in our United Methodist Church filling pulpits throughout Southwest Kansas.

As I turned thirty, at the encouragement of my spouse, TruDee, I began taking night classes in order to get my undergraduate degree. When asked by the pastor of the church we attended at the time what my plans were once I had completed my degree my response was, “I am thinking I would like to get involved in politics and public service.” My pastor’s response was, “Kent, I keep saying you have a call to the ordained ministry and the church is filled with politics and it needs your voice.” Shortly after that I felt that call of the Divine in my life and my passion for justice, compassion, equality, and love has only grown stronger with each day of my ministry. I believe the church as the instrument and incarnation of Christ has not only the calling, but the responsibility to be politically active through affecting policy making to make our world a more just and compassionate world, not only within the walls of the church but in the halls of government.

I began the journey toward ordained in1991 out of my home United Methodist Church in Johnson City, KS. I was appointed to my first church in 1992 at Manter, KS where I served for two years while completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Speech and Communications at Oklahoma Panhandle State University. I served Wakefield and Countryside United Methodist Churches for four years while completing my Master of Divinity Degree at Saint Paul School of Theology. I was ordained an Elder in the UMC in 2000. Following these appointments and completion of degrees I served the Coldwater United Methodist Church and the Wilmore Federated Church for seven years, the Cimarron and Kalvesta United Methodist Churches for five years, and College Hill United Methodist Church in Wichita, Kansas for 8 years where I began my Doctor of Ministry Degree at Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa, Oklahoma which is still in process. I am honored and privileged to be able to say I have been appointed to Omaha First United Methodist Church, Omaha Nebraska July 1, 2018.

I have been married to my partner, TruDee, since December of 1978 and we enjoy spending time together seeing theater, movies, eating good food, walking, nature, and playing with our three perfect granddaughters. We have two son’s and daughter’s in law, and three granddaughers; Matthew and Emily, Kadee and Whitlee, and Nathan and Stephanie, and Nora. We are all so very excited about being a part of such an open, welcoming, social justice seeking, and active community of faith!