Adult Faith Studies

At FUMC, we believe in life-long learning. We understand the importance of a safe space where folks may ask and wrestle with questions that Christianity, spirituality, and religion raise in one’s mind and heart.

Intellectually Challenging and Theologically Progressive

You will find a variety of opportunities to challenge you as you explore your faith, how it impacts everyday life, and how to practice it in the wider world.

For more information on any of the following classes and groups, please contact our Director of Membership and Communication, Anna Rodriguez.

Sunday Morning Groups

We have a dedicated Christian Education Hour between services for children, youth, and adults from 9:30 to 10:30 am. Our Nursery is open so parents and caregivers may attend Sunday School. All are welcome to participate in any class!

COVID-19 UPDATE: In adherance to the CDC’s recommendations to limit social gatherings, First United Methodist Church is only offering one in-person worship service at this time. You can join us in worship on Sundays at 10:50 am in-person or online, via You do not need a Facebook account to view the video. Some of the classes are meeting online and some are returning to in-person. For some it varies week to week depending on cases, and right now our nursery is not available due to COVID

Boomers +/-

Room 112

Explore topics around the theme “Progressive Christian Living.” This discussion-led group often views videos and dives into current events and how they intertwine with the lens of Progressive Theology. We are a lively and welcoming group that encourages folks of all ages to participate!

Centering Prayer

Mead Chapel

Not a class, but an experience. This time of soul-work begins with 10 minutes of fellowship, followed by 20 minutes of silence, closing with The Lord’s Prayer. The meditative process is facilitated by retired clergy, Rev. Dr. Don Bredthauer.


Mead Chapel

This group of mostly Gen-Xers meets to share support as friends and parents, and wrestles with challenges presented by the world, and what solutions may be found in Progressive Theology. We typically begin with “share a life-giving moment from your week” – which leads into great conversation and support.


Adult Education Library (Room 100)

These seekers inquire in depth by reading and discussing a book. They change over their book every six-to-eight weeks, but new folks are welcome any time!


Room 111

In this inter-generational class, each week a new, stand-alone topic invites Christians to consider the United Methodist Church’s stance on important contemporary and developing issues; to consider them in the thoughtful light of their personal experience; and then encourages action on the basis of their beliefs.

Young(ish) Adult Faith Studies

Room 108

A group of 20-somethings to 40-somethings to tackle life and faith, together. We are discussion-led group, and come together to ask the tough questions that many of us share as we wrestle and grow within our Christian Identity and deepen our knowledge of progressive theology. All Young(ish) Adults are welcome to join!

Weekday Study Groups

FUMC offers a variety of groups and ministries during the week both inside and outside the church building. The list and meetings of the groups changes often, so we encourage you to contact our Director of Membership and Communication, Anna Rodriguez, for the latest updates, as well as how you may connect with any of our group and committee leaders.

Spiritual Practices

Deepen your spiritual practice in one of our weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly study groups. Our classes and study groups have something for everyone and are a great way to support your spiritual practice and get to know others in the community.

Outdoor Labyrinth, Garden & Gazebo

Open 24/7, weather permitting, South Front Lawn

We invite all folks to journey through our outdoor labyrinth, garden, and gazebo at any time so long as weather permits outdoor activities.

Tai Chi for Balance

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3:30 – 4:30 pm in Mead Chapel

This is a low-impact exercise class for that puts minimal stress on muscles and joints, while strengthening ankle muscles and teaches moves designed to help prevent falling. All over the age of 55 are welcome in this free class led by a licensed instructor.

Taizé Worship

First Saturday Monthly, 5:00 – 6:00 pm in Mead Chapel

Taizé worship services involve sung and chanted prayers, meditation, a period of silence, and liturgical readings, and icons.

Fellowship Groups

First United Methodist Church believes a community of faith should include faith-based learning… AND community fellowship! As with most things in life, our small groups and fellowship groups often change. Please contact our Director of Membership and Communication, Anna Rodriguez, to find out more information on any of our groups!

Craft Group

Meets the first Monday of every month

A group of women who love working on craft projects together. Maybe general or more specific (paper crafting or vinyl projects). Group rotates volunteers to lead craft projects monthly.

Local History

Meets on weekends periodically at local historical sites

Tour different local historical sites and meet for coffee or lunch after to discuss the outing and our next adventure! All History-buffs welcome!!

Men’s Theology on Tap

Meets bi-monthly at local watering holes

An evening discussion, meeting at a local watering hole for men to gather, discuss theology, and social issues.

Movie Group

Second Wednesday monthly, 6:00 pm at W. Dale Clark Library

This group determines a movie to see each month and participants see the movie on their own time. The participants gather at the Downtown Library for discussion and the choosing of the next movie followed by dinner out at a nearby location. All are welcome to one or both events!

Post-Church Dine Out

Will meet after second service on Sundays

Meet-up in the Gathering Place to first decide where we want to go, taking turns deciding location (open to places close to church or other locations). Cost will be involved to pay for your meal. Would eat together for Fellowship Meals held at the church.

Read, Snack, Talk (Book Group)

Has met a few times in the evenings. 2020 dates to be determined!

An evening group to read, snack, and talk! If you enjoy reading, book discussions, and snacks, this group is for you. Members will take turns helping coordinate the book decision and location of the meetings. Email Laura or write your preferred time to meet after your name!