Volunteers in Mission

Volunteers in Mission (VIM) is a program of the United Methodist Church that began in the late 1980s. It has rapidly grown to be one of the most popular outreach ministries of the church. The purpose is to provide help for people in crisis or to provide much-needed workers for UMC (United Methodist Church) institutions which then can serve people.

FUMC-Omaha has been actively involved with VIM for over 20 years. Members of FUMC have worked locally, regionally and internationally on different types of projects which include helping build churches, schools, UMC camps; disaster recovery; home repairs; missions, etc. One-day local mission projects are planned which may include the Big Garden, park cleanup, local disaster cleanup, painting, minor home repairs and/or work at local non-profits.

Related Ministries

A fabulous thrift shop owned and operated by volunteers. Our profits benefit Youth Emergency Services and their work with homeless and at-risk teens.