Roundtable on Racism – Where Are We?

Roundtable on Racism – Where Are We?

The Commons - Door #4

time 6:00 pm

March 13, 2018

Roundtable on RACISM: Join us for a meal, panel discussion and community discussion about racism. Becoming culturally competent is a journey, and this event is offered as a place to learn, ask questions and become aware of white fragility, power and privilege. Being able to have uncomfortable conversations in a safe space helps us overcome our cluelessness as we seek to journey towards inclusiveness where systems of oppression can be named. Being silent or ignorant perpetuates complicity. Listening. learning and talking–all very vital. Yet we also explore:

1. What am I doing to advance the cause to help others?
2. How does this engagement relate to my personal and or professional mission?
3. Did I ask the right question(s) that would enhance my understanding?

A panel of those who benefit from white privilege will engage in these questions. The panel will be moderated by Ajamal-Rashad Byndon, a community consultant with Nebraska Families Collaborative, adjunct professor at UNO and founder of Omaha Table Talk.

Please enter on the east side of the church through Door #4

The event is free; we kindly ask all participants to register.
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