Race Relations Discussion – Anti Racist

Race Relations Discussion – Anti Racist

the Commons - Door #$

time 6:00 pm

November 12, 2019

Tuesday, November 12
6:00-8:00 pm
the Commons

ANTI-RACIST: One who is supporting an antiracist policy through their actions or expressing an antiracist idea.

The only way to undo racism is to TALK ABOUT IT—constantly! And then once one understands the horror of racism, be part of the massive dismantling needed. Join us for a discussion on this powerful New York Times best-selling book.

What ACTION are you ready to take? It is time to ACT. Or are you still on the fence that Omaha is immune to the systemic policies built on racism?

Let us eat together and have open discussion–it helps to have read Ibram Kendi’s book, How to Be an AntiRacist before coming…yet understand if you are unable to.

The event is free, however we kindly ask all to register through eventbrite so we may prepare enough food for the dinner.