Peace Begins With Me: Summer Children’s Faith Studies

Peace Begins With Me: Summer Children’s Faith Studies

Meet in room 204

time 9:35 am

Every Sunday from

June 17, 2018


July 22, 2018

Smile. Breathe. Go Slowly.

Beginning on Sunday, June 17, during the 9:35 am Faith Studies Hour, all children (K-6th) are invited to participate in a six week session of mindfulness, which we are calling, “Peace Begins with Me.” It will be a blend of yoga and meditation to provide a holistic experience that cultivates present moment awareness and emotional balance. The lessons will be fun and engaging to keep kids enthused about their learning and growth. Each class will include an opening ritual, a daily intention, mindfulness practice, and daily life integration. The purpose of these six weeks is to teach children recognition and acceptance of their present moment lived experience. They will learn how to be “resent” with their inner emotions, and then taught how to skillfully respond.

To make Peace Begins with Me possible, FUMC is teaming up with Omaha Power Yoga. This six week summer program will be taught by Taina Collazo, PhD. – a certified children’s yoga teacher who draws on the best available scientific research in mindfulness, occupational therapy, and early childhood development – and Suzanne DeJong, CPYT, teacher and owner of Omaha Power Yoga. We feel very blessed that these two wonderful people are excited to share their time and gifts with the FUMC community.

For more information or to register your child, please contact the front office at 402-556-6262.

Sundays, beginning Sunday, June 17
9:35 to 10:35 am
Meet in room 204