Bringing Forth the Kingdom: Public Transportation in Omaha

Bringing Forth the Kingdom: Public Transportation in Omaha

time 8:00 am

November 2, 2019

Poverty, the root causes and potential solutions, has been the concern of five Forums presented in October-November by Clair Memorial and First United Methodist Churches. We have long recognized many factors influence that situation. We’ve concentrated on education, homelessness, housing and community development. Meanwhile, we have become acutely aware of the impact public transportation (or the lack thereof) has upon poverty. Our 2019 Forum will focus on Public Transportation.

Public transportation is important because:

Employees need to get to jobs across the city;
Many new employers are establishing themselves outside of our current bus routes;
People who work shift hours and need transportation to safely get to their place of employment during and outside of typical 9 to 5 hours;
People with disabilities that work daytime and nighttime hours;
In addition, college students need to get to the colleges and universities for classes;
What are the implications of public transportation on people living in poverty? How is Omaha moving to serve the needs of our existing and our growing metropolitan area? What is your vision for public transportation in Omaha?

The event is free, we kindly ask all to register by clicking here.